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Will news channels stop promoting superstitions?

Will news channels stop promoting superstitions?

The religious institutions like temples churches and mosques capitalize people’s superstitious beliefs and make money out of it.

These days falling victim for astrology is common than falling victim for religious institutions.

It is believed that today the Rahu and Ketu transit their positions today and a special ceremony is being conducted at Thirunageshwaram, Kumbakonam.

According to astrology Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets which cause miseries in life.

But we all have read in our 3rd-grade science book that our solar system has nine planets and none of them are shadow planets.

So according to science these two planets which our astrology says does not really exist.

But our dear astrologers claim that astrology is science

According to astrology, Sun is a planet but science says the sun is a star and astrology works on geocentric theory but the fact according to science is, the earth is the one which revolves around the sun, and science has proved the heliocentric theory with evidence.

These superstitious beliefs should be curtailed by modern media but they are being promoted.

Every Tamil news channels have covered the special ceremony conducted at the Kumbakonam Temple today.

Any astrological event or any religious event Tamil news channels do not forget to cover them.

Does it really going to help the people of TN in anyways? This question will remain unanswered.

What do you think?

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