World’s largest oil field in Saudi is fading fast!

World's largest oil field in Saudi is fading fast

All the countries have increased the usage of automobiles which has caused an increased demand in fuel

But a shocking news alert has come from the world’s largest oil field in Saudi.

Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabian national petroleum natural gas company based in Dhahran.

The world’s largest oilfield in Saudi Arabia is drying up very fast.

In the 174 mile Ghawar oil field controlled by the Saudi government, we get 50 lakh barrels of petroleum products everyday.

However, the Saudi government has been saying that for a long time up to 1 crore 20 lakh barrels of fuel could be obtained from this field.

The shocking information has been reported that its production capacity has decreased, than 15 years ago, and its production has declined.

No information has been made about the reason for the sharp decline in oil production of Ghawar oil field.

For the next 34 years, it was predicted that we will be able to take 1.2 crore barrels of petroleum products annually.

At present, the production has been reported to be low, and there has been a question of whether oil could exist here for years.

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