Xiaomi plans to launch a Foldable Smartphone Soon!

Xiaomi plans to launch a foldable smartphone Soon

Many companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, Lenovo and Nokia are in the race of developing a folding smartphone device. The latest to join the race is “Xiaomi”.

Also “Xiaomi” recently filed a patent in China, which hints the ongoing process on foldable smartphones. More excitation was kindled when the video showcasing special Xiaomi smartphone prototype from Xiaomi’s President and Co-founder Bin Lin was released in Weibo.

Lin Bin has now confirmed that Xiaomi is indeed working on a “double folding smartphone”.

This smartphone is able to fold down on both sides and based on user’s needs can be a smartphone or a tablet.

Though the launch date is yet to be officially confirmed, the expectations of the “double folding phone” is popularly seen among the users, the smartphone may launch after mid 2019.

Xiaomi is reportedly taking a different approach when it comes to designing a foldable smartphone. While Samsung and Huawei foldable smartphones will have a in-fold design, where the two displays are revealed when the hinge is open.

Xiaomi is experimenting with an out-folding design that involves smaller panels. Xiaomi has also relied on Chinese manufacturers in order to secure the foldable panels and the specialised features of the phone are not exposed yet.

Xiaomi wants to open up its competitors in China by launching a foldable smartphone before anyone else does, and in a bid to do so, the company is willing to make some compromises on the product quality.

As of now, there are no real foldable handsets in the global market. To be fair, ZTE did launch the Axon M foldable smartphone late last year, but that featured two different displays with a hinge in between.

However, foldable smartphones do promise to be shaping up 2019, with at least four major releases in the works.

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