Alert! Drastic Rise in Sea Level

Alert! Drastic Rise in Sea Level!

Millions of square miles of land would also disappear, including areas critical for producing the food we eat, the scientists warned.

Melting ice sheets could lead to a ‘catastrophic’ sea level rise of more than six feet – leading to the displacement of up to 187 million people.

The researchers behind the new study examined the melting of ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic, something which has been difficult to predict using traditional methods of analysis.

The team of international scientists used a technique called structured expert judgment to ask 22 ice sheet experts to estimate plausible ranges for future sea level rises.

They asked them to consider the projected melting of each of the Greenland, West Antarctic and East Antarctic ice sheets under low and high future global temperature rise scenarios.

The conclusions were alarming and destruction is not far from the vicinity.

By 2100, there will be a huge rise in the sea level and it will be a threat for Island Nations and countries in the Indian Ocean.

Countries like India, SriLanka,Australia,Indonesia, Japan,Bangladesh, Java and Sumatra, Maldives and many others are in danger!

‘Such a rise in global sea level could result in land loss of 1.79 million km, including critical regions of food production, and potential displacement of up to 187 million people.

‘A subsequent sea level rise of this magnitude would clearly have profound consequences for humanity.’

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