Happy Earth Day 2019!

Happy Earth Day 2019!

On the occasion of Earth Day 2019, several events and campaigns are being held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

This is a day which is meant to emphasise the need to protect the planet and preserve its environment.

Google Doodle Monday celebrated Earth Day 2019.

On the occasion, google took people across the planet to take a look at some awe-inspiring organisms which inhabit it.

According to Earth Day Network, this year’s Earth Day is dedicated to protecting species and raising awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction.

Earth Day was first celebrated in the US in the 1970s, and went global by the 1990s — it is now celebrated in at least 193 countries.

The idea of commemorating such a day was propounded by Gaylord Nelson, a US senator from Wisconsin.

Nelson, who had been a witness to the devastation caused by an enormous oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969, felt the urgency of the matter.

This year’s theme is ‘protect our species’.

This year, NASA has also taken a new initiative by asking people to share their ‘Earth Day’ pictures with the space agency and earning the opportunity to get their pictures featured in a video or an image collage by NASA.

Sharing your best photo showing a detail of Earth on social media with #PictureEarth on Earth Day on April 22, can win you a chance to get that photo featured in NASA videos or composite images.

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