Stunning Rainbow Blanket Octopuses Spotted!

Stunning Rainbow Blanket Octopuses Spotted!

A pair of rare multi-coloured blanket octopuses have been caught on camera during a night dive off the coast of Romblon, Philippines.

In the incredible high-definition clip, captured on April 5, one of the octopuses puts on a vibrant light show for cameraman, Joseph Elayani, as it glides through the water shifting through the different colours of the rainbow.

The rapid colour change is thought to be a reaction to the different light levels from the camera, or as a defence mechanism against would-be predators.

The blanket octopus can be seen in the video transforming from pastel blues and purples to glimmering reds and oranges.

At the end of the footage, a second octopus also comes into view.

It is thought to be extremely hard to capture these bizarre creatures on camera in crisp, high-definition as it is rare to come across them in the wild.

When threatened, they stretch their arms out, creating a blanket-like silhouette meant to frighten would-be attackers away.

They are always in the open ocean—in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as in Info-Pacific waters—and so never rest on the seafloor.

They need all the defense they can get.

The blanket Octopus is called as Tremoctopus is a genus of pelagic cephalopods,

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