Does Curse Really Impact?- Dr Sathya Answers

Dr Sathya in this video clears the air about cruses.

Cruse has been known to mankind for ages, right from the Vedic Period.

We have read, heard and some even experienced about curses!

In this Video doctor shares about his patients who have approached him with the thought of being cursed or their family is cursed.

Doctor also shares about a common practice in the society, where people folk to “Kaalahasthi” temple, if they find they have a “Raagu – Kethu” Dosham (Problem / Defect), through an Astrologer.

Later on when they consult another Astrologer he might point out another problem asking you to go elsewhere. The process continues!

Doctor says that ‘Curse’ can be called as ‘Pattern’.

Curses will only have an impact when a person deeply believes that the curse will affect him and harm him, because he thinks that anything that goes wrong in his life might be, because of the vulnerability of Curse.

Curses are said to be an outburst of emotions, which are basically a combination anger, frustration and negativity.

Curses are small emotional outburst, an act done to pacify oneself.

Curses could also be considered into a form of verbal attack too!

Doctor clearly says that if one trusts that a curse is affecting his / her own family that negative thought itself might largely affect that person / family.

Dr Sathya also says we can easily overcome from such crushes knowing the process through which they can break or nullify or overcome that curse.

Curse depends on the mindset towards it, says doctor.

It all depends on every individual perception “If you believe that curse affects you – Yes it will”, claims doctor.

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