Modern Science And Technology Which Was Hidden In Hindu Mythology!

Modern Science And Technology Which Was Hidden In Hindu Mythology!

Our Ancestors just lived life amalgamated with Nature and Science.

To our astonishment, there are many hidden secrets in Hindu Mythology which makes you mesmerised!

Ancient science was way beyond our imagination. Here are some of them!

  1. Nuclear Weapons:

Some historians have shown the possibility of use of nuclear weapons in the Mahabharata war, many radioactive samples have been found in latest discoveries in India.

Green glass has been discovered from the Mahabharata war and green glass is developed only when temperatures get high during nuclear explosions.

  1. Practise of cloning:

In Srimad Bhagavatam, it is clearly mentioned that when Nimi died,

the seers created a new baby from his death by the process of human cloning and the baby was named Janaka.

This process of human cloning( modern name) was known as Mantha in the ancient time.

  1. Test – Tube Babies:

Do you know that the Kauravas birth has such science that even the modern science has not even found yet?

In Mahabharata, the embryo of Gandhari has split into 101(one for a girl and 100 for boys) parts and each sample was put in separate containers,

this is a science of test tube babies and split the embryo and grow it outside the uterus.

  1. Nanotechnology:

Romans used nanotechnology and there is a Lycurgus Cup which changes its color depending on the direction of light and

this was a mystery until the year 1990 that how it changed color from jade green to blood red.

Then researchers discovered that the Romans used nanotechnology,

i.e., put together with silver and gold particles until they are as small as 50 nanometers.

  1. Embryo transfer during the birth of Balarama:

Nowadays with the help of Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer, the embryo is developed outside the uterus and later placed in the other uterus after the embryo is developed a little.

During Devaki’s seventh pregnancy Lord Vishnu transferred the embryo from Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb as they feared that Kansa will kill the child also.

However they are Gods, they know everything behind science maybe.

  1. Ramasethu built by Lord Rama:

Ramasethu is a bridge built during Ramayana from India to Sri Lanka

and there is a concept of civil engineering behind the building of this bridge as stated in Valmiki Ramayana.

It is not just built by writing Lord Ram’s name on the stones and throwing it in water,

it is a masterpiece and there is some technology or science hidden behind it.

  1. Live telecast:

During the Mahabharata war, King Dhritarashtra wanted to know everything going on during the war,

but he was visually impaired so with the help of Sanjay’s( his cousin) Divya Drishti,

he could see whatever happening in Kurukshetra from Hastinapur and gave his King every information.

This was a kind of live telecast which is wireless but has right to the camera system and the access was granted by Lord Krishna.

  1. Teleportation

In the story of Usha and Chitralekha,

Chitralekha tried to interpret from Usha’s dream and they conclude that he his Anirudha, Grandson of Lord Krishna.

They then teleport themselves to Dwarka where they meet Anirudha.

Teleportation has still not been discovered today.

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