Shri Kambali Swamy Siddhar Temple, Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a Party Destination to many, but through the ages, this French Colony has its own Indigenous face, which is still untouched and unexplored!

Surprisingly there are about 30 Siddhars or Hindu Sages who have attained, so called “Jeeva Samadhi” in and around Pondicherry.

These Siddhars are widely venerated by the Locals of the State and believed to have Powers to wipe away the distress of the faithful.

Siddhars who are not gods but Sage like devotional people who have attained “Enlightenment” and possessed the capabilities of performing miracles.

Most of the Siddhars are closely associated with Lord Shiva.

Siddhars usually leave their families and start their spiritual journey in search of “Mukthi” also known as the “Search for the Almighty”.

Siddhars are known to have control over the “7 Chakras” of the Human body. Siddhars have also expertised in the power of “Kundalini”, which connects us to the Almighty.

One such Powerful Siddhar is “Shri Kambali Swamy Siddhar”.

Sri.Ganesh Gurukal, takes us around the temple and explains the divinity and glory of the temple.

It is said that this temple has been for the past 200 years. Moreover Shri Kambali Swamy Siddhar, attained Jeeva Samadhi in the year 1874, in the month of December.

It is also said that Shri Kambali Swamy Siddhar, attained “Jala Samadhi”. It is from that Jala Samadhi, a “Kambali” or a “Woolen Blanket” floated above the Waters.

Then his body was buried in this place, the place was once a dense forest.

This Temple is located in Thattanchavadi, Pondicherry.

The place has now become a temple premises doing wonders. This temple even today is surrounded by dense trees and covers a landscape of 14 acres.

Various Priests have performed “Shiva Poojas” here and has made this place pure.

The Temple is a “Madam”, Monastery like place.

At the entrance we can find a Huge Nataraja Statue which is not like the normal statue, but has a Shiva Lingam underneath it and its specially worshipped on the day of “Shiva Rathiri”.

At the entrance of the temple we can find “Lord Ganesha” in the dancing form on the right and on the left we “Lord Murugan”

On going inside the temple, we find the Graveyard of another Siddhar, “Sri Ambalamana Swamigal” we has served as a High Priest here and attained Samadhi.

Further we find Lord Shiva at the centre and as the Main deity of the Temple.

Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of “Murthy” and “Lingam”. At the foot of “Shiva Lingam” we have the idol of Shri Kambali Swamy Siddhar.

This temple has another speciality, there is a common belief that all Souls finally attain the Eternity, that is Lord Shiva.

As an example, this Temple premises has the “Samadhis” of all People who helped in Shiva Poojas here.

There are more than 10 such similar Samadhis present in the Sanctuary.

Do visit the place and feel the presence of Shri Kambali Swamy Siddhar and get the Blessings of him and Lord Shiva abundantly.

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