Sri Shiva Sadaiyappar Swami Siddhar Temple, Puducherry

Sri Shiva Sadaiyappar Swami Siddhar Temple, Puducherry

Pondicherry is a Party Destination to many, but through the ages, this French Colony has its own Indigenous face, which is still untouched and unexplored!

Surprisingly there are about 30 Siddhars or Hindu Sages who have attained, so called “Jeeva Samadhi” in and around Pondicherry.

These Siddhars are widely venerated by the Locals of the State and believed to have Powers to wipe away the distress of the faithful.

Siddhars who are not gods but Sage like devotional people who have attained “Enlightenment” and possessed the capabilities of performing miracles.

Most of the Siddhars are closely associated with Lord Shiva.

Siddhars usually leave their families and start their spiritual journey in search of “Mukthi” also known as the “Search for the Almighty”.

One such Powerful Siddhar is “Sri Shiva Sadaiyappar Swami Siddhar”.

The Siddhar’s temple is located in Pondicherry for over 300 years as per the knowledge of the Locals.

Though the temple was erected a few decades ago, the “Deity” which was worshipped by

“Sri Shiva Sadaiyappar Swami Siddhar” was worshipped in a small cottage from the past by the Locals.

One speciality of the temple is, the Deity is  considered as the Patron or “Kula Dheivam” for many Families of Puducherry and the Patron of the Towns.

No Siddhar Peedam or Temple has this Unique Feature in Pondicherry.

The other special features of the Temple are: The Temple’s Main Deity Lord Shiva in the Lingam, faces the South.

This is a very special feature because in all the Shiva temples, the lord faces the East or West Direction.

Facing the South, Lord Shiva blesses the people as “Agora Moorthy” and is also worshipped as “Guru DhakshanaMoorthy”

The Idol is considered as the “Off-Spring” of Wisdom and is specially worshipped on Thursdays by the people.

It is also mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas, Lord Shiva or “Lingam”facing the South as “DhakshanaMoorthy” has higher powers.

This is the only temple which faces the “South” in the State of Puducherry.

The Idol of Siddhar is placed behind the “Lingam” of the Temple.

The Sanctuary is also adorned by other Deities such as Lord Ganesha(Vinayagar),

Lord Hanuman, Lord Murugan with Sri Valli – Dheivannai, Goddess Durga, Nava Grahas,

Lord Nandhi, Lord DhakshanaMoorthy (Incarnation of Lord Shiva) and Lord KaalaBhairavar (Incarnation of Lord Shiva) bless the devotees.

All Special Poojas and Rituals which are performed in Shiva Temples are considered and performed with great devotion in the temple.

The Temple’s Annual Feast takes place in the Month of Aadi,(Mid August – Mid September).

Temple is known for its miracles, people folk here with their Children to get abundant knowledge and Wisdom.

The temple has many legacies left behind which are still remembered by the elderly people who are living near the temple.

The Siddhar Peedam is very special and it blesses with “Inner Peace” to those who come here and Pray.

The Temple is located at “Pettavan Chathiram”, which is in the outskirts of Puducherry.

Do visit with Younger people of your Family to get abundant blessings of Lord Shiva and “Sri Shiva Sadaiyappar Swami Siddhar”.

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