Sarfraz Ahmed gets Indian fans’ support after being trolled!

Sarfraz Ahmed gets Indian fans' support after being trolled!

The Pakistan cricket team heads into the World Cup 2019 on the back of some dreadful results.

Their performances on the field haven’t been the best and criticism has come thick and heavy from fans, as well as from former cricketers.

Skipper Sarfraz Ahmed, however, found himself embroiled with undeserved criticism as he wore the traditional Salwar Kameez during a visit to Buckingham Palace on the eve of the World Cup opener.

All the other nine captains were dressed in formal attires but Sarfraz decided to go the traditional route while wearing the team blazer on top.

Plenty of fans from Pakistan expressed how proud they were seeing Sarfraz opt for an alternate approach.

The comments, however, weren’t all in sync as a famous Canadian journalist criticised the Pakistan skipper for breaking the protocol while meeting the England queen.

His tweets stirred up a major controversy.

While Pakistani fans were already backing Sarfraz’s intent, Indian fans also went on to defend Sarfraz over the idea, criticising Tarak for his tweets.

Seeing the whole subject catching fire on social media, Sarfraz also decided to speak about it during a press conference on the eve of the match against West Indies in the ICC World Cup 2019.

He clarified that it was the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) from where instructions to wear Salwar Kameez came, while also asserting that he felt proud carrying forward the customs of his nation.

“The salwar kameez is our national dress and I got instructions from the board to do all these things so I tried to promote our national dress. I felt very proud that the other captains were wearing suits but I was wearing national dress,” Sarfraz said.

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