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  • Why was Rahul Gandhi's College visit was kept secret?

    Why was Rahul Gandhi’s College visit was kept secret?

    Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with college students has given him unexpected big support. On March 13, Rahul Gandhi made an open conversation with students at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Rahul Gandhi appeared in a simple Jean and T-Shirt which made the college students appreciate that ‘one of the prominent leader in India and posed as the […] More

  • Questions that weren't answered by Rahul Gandhi yesterday

    Questions that weren’t answered by Rahul Gandhi yesterday

    Congress President Rahul Gandhi came to TN and started his party’s general election campaign. He answered questions of young students at Stella Mary’s College. His answers have become a debate. But people of TN also have a few more questions to Congress President Rahul Gandhi. TN had struggled to get an exemption from NEET exams […] More

  • Priyanka Gandhi sits next to her brother in the Party office!

    Priyanka Gandhi, sits next to her Brother in the Party office!

    Priyanka Gandhi who has been called to the party recently and given the General Secretary for UP East. Many say she is been taken for her charismatic leadership and spontaneous oratory skills. And it is believed the main motive of bringing in Priyanka is to win the UP seats for Lok Sabha elections. Priyanka Gandhi […] More