How Chennai’s IT firms are dealing with water crisis!

How Chennai's IT firms are dealing with water crisis!

Chennai IT companies on OMR are asking employees to work from home.

Reason? Not having enough water to sustain operations regularly.

According to reports, insufficient rainfall has led to a water crisis in Chennai, which might continue if the weather reports stay the same.

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) is home to a number of Information Technology and Information Technology enabled Services companies, where lakhs of people work.

Most companies on OMR are open round-the-clock, with their employees working in shifts, offering their expertise to various development projects in India and abroad.

IT companies at OMR consume at least 60% of water used regularly in the area, which is close to three crore litres of water per day.

In an attempt to deal with the crisis, IT companies have put in place a range of conservation methods.

A majority of the 600 IT companies operating out of IT parks between Tidel Park and SIPCOT IT Park have reduced water consumption through multiple ways.

Around 5000 techies of 12 companies have been given clear instructions to work from home.

While some companies have put in place permanent measures, others say their efforts are to tide over the present shortage.

Some companies have gone on to install water saving devices in their offices, in order to reduce the amount of water used by its employees.

Companies which had provided employees with ceramic plates to eat food have now switched to providing paper plates.

It has not rained in Chennai for almost 200 days and if the expected rainfall is taken into consideration, the city will face this water crisis for the next 3 months.

Though the southwest monsoon has hit Kerala and is advancing to other parts of the country, bringing much-needed relief from the scorching summer, Chennai continues to struggle with water scarcity.

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