Meet Dr Hema Sane, Who Has Lived Without Electricity All Her Life!

Meet Dr Hema Sane, Who Has Lived Without Electricity All Her Life!

Electricity is the most important blessing that science has given to mankind!

In this hot summer, with heat waves lashing out in the air, it is almost impossible for anyone to live without electricity!

However, Dr Hema Sane, a 79-year-old former professor has been living in a house without electricity in Budhwar Peth, Pune all her life.

And the reason behind not using electricity is her love for nature and the environment.

“Food, shelter and clothing are the basic needs. Once upon a time, there was no electricity, it came much later, I can manage without it,” she said.

Dr Hema Sane said this property belongs to her dog, two cats, mongoose and a lot of birds.

The story of Hema Sane, who has shunned the use of electricity for over 79 YEARS to preserve resources for the future generations, is quite surprising!

Dr Hema Sane is a PhD holder in Botany from Savitribai Phule Pune University and she was a professor at Garware College Pune for several years.

She lives in a small hut or one may call it a small house in Budhwar Peth area of Pune.

Her house is surrounded by different types of trees and birds.

Her morning starts with melodious noise of birds and ends with shining lamps giving light to her house.

Dr Sane has written many books on Botany and environment, which are already published and available in the market.

Even today, whenever she is alone in her house she keeps writing new books.

Her study on the environment is such that there would be hardly any bird or tree which is unknown to her.

Dr Sane further said, “I never felt the need for electricity in my whole life. People often ask me how do you live without electricity and I ask them how do you live with electricity?”

During the day Dr Sane has visitors frequenting her, ranging from students and friends who come to seek advice and make conversation with her and in her free time, she enjoys listening to music on an old-style radio.

Her day begins and ends at home and explaining why she doesn’t go out of her house,

she says, “Many people don’t like this way of lifestyle. I meet all sorts of people. Their way of life is different. I am afraid to go to people’s homes because they will think she is a dirty lady. Whatever dirt she has on her clothes will come to our home. I am happy in my hut.”

Dr Hema Sane is not just author of books but also Author and Role Model of Contented-Sustainable Living!

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