Microsoft brings you the World’s First AI-created Whisky!

Microsoft brings you the World's first AI-created Whisky!

For over a thousand years, the Human race has enjoyed the pleasures of whisky.

The distilled alcoholic drink came to being in Ireland and Scotland and then evolved with flavors and ingredients from different parts of the world.

But now, in a first-of-a-kind move, artificial intelligence is being used to create whisky, and that too with some amazing results.

Microsoft recently worked with Finnish technology company Fourkind and one of Sweden’s most popular distilleries, Mackmyra Whisky, to come up with the world’s first AI-created whisky.

Their system analyzes Mackmyra’s existing recipes, including some award-winning ones, to produce a big bunch of potential recipes.

The company thinks this experimentation might result in better quality of whisky and would become popular with customers.

To make the whisky production process simpler and more reliable, Microsoft helped create an AI engine that designs unique recipes that actually taste good.

It designed machine learning models, powered by Azure cloud platform and Azure cognitive services.

Microsoft fed them with Mackmyra’s recipes, sales data, and customer preferences to come up with recipes – all based on what kind of cask is available.

Microsoft emphasizes that it can be used to create ‘new and innovative combinations that would otherwise never have been considered’.

However, the company adds that the system isn’t there to replace the job of Master Blender because it can’t outdo the ‘expertise and knowledge, especially the human sensory part’ of a human.

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