Sankhya Infotech – A Giant In The Making

Sankhya Infotech - A Giant In The Making

Sankhya Infotech Limited, founded in 1997 by Mr. Sridhar Krishna, is a leading provider of simulation and training solutions.

Mr. Sridhar Krishna, Chairman and MD of Sankhya, is a Computer Science graduate who has got more than 30 years of experience and has published several research papers and articles on simulation and training technologies.

Sankhya has, so far, empowered over 1.5 million users spread across four continents.

Sankhya has a strong Aerospace and Defence focus and caters to Energy, BFSI, Medical and Manufacturing domains.

The global market for simulation and training technology is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to go up multifold in the near future.

The company’s training technology is being used by large defence organisations, medical companies and over 53% of all Bank employees in India use the company’s solutions.

Some of their esteemed clients are Boeing, Airbus, Etihad, Emirates, Air France, State Bank of India, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and HAL Bangalore.

Sankhya has a very strong presence in Middle East, Singapore and in France.

They are now fast expanding their presence in the United States. In February 2019, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. collaborated with Sankhya Infotech Limited to provide the simulation technology to pilots, operators, and maintenance crew. They have managed to win this deal amidst a stiff competition, it’s a huge win for them.

The company has now started to focus on the margins and have made a conscious move to withdraw from contracts with low margins.

According to our analysis, this company will be one of the fastest growing IT Product Companies in India in the next few years.

We will come up with an analysis of another interesting technological company in our next article.

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